My babyfood cooking bible

My babyfood cooking bible

I had picked this up in 2010 at the now defunct Borders.  I compared all the available baby food cookbooks and deemed this as the most comprehensive, easy to read (thin, few words, colourful pictures) and delicious-sounding.  I missed the ease of having actual, unsealed books which I could flip and compare.

I had recommended friends to use Annabel Karmel’s recipes.  Actually, her recipes were available online at Babycenter too but I prefer having an actual book with nice pictures to look at, and to check if I’d derailed.  Prior to cooking baby food for Z in 2010, I used to cook a maximum of 5 times a year and for some years, the cooking count was zero.

Given that I was able to follow Annabel Karmel’s recipes and eventually learnt to cook on a 5 times a week basis, I’d to say her recipes were easy to follow and made so much sense that it was applicable to cooking adult food too.  She would recommend baking fish in orange juice in oven for 20min.  That statement alone implied:

1. It would only take me 20min to cook fish (not undercook nor overcook)
2. The orange juice would remove the fishy smell
3. The orange juice would provide sweet flavouring to the dish
4. It tasted refreshing and nice
5. It was so darn easy to do

Thanks to Annabel Karmel, my family had more home-cooked meals.

4 responses to “My babyfood cooking bible

  1. I’m looking at her recipes for baby food too!

  2. @Cayce @WM: i remember using her app on iphone for baby recipes too!

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