iHerb order arrived again (repost)

Unboxing the parcel


I had to reorder the batch of packet baby food because X had wiped out the initial stocks. These were planned for days out where it would be inconvenient to bring home cooked purée or when we were lazy to cook porridge. It was less than S$2 per packet – very good value!


Owing to the hfmd episode, I was delighted to find these, especially the baby high chair cleaner – to spray and wipe! Disinfecting had become serious business.


I took the chance to order this brand after my colleague’s recommendation. X had sensitive skin and California baby was way too expensive in the long run. This smelt pretty good!


I also ordered something for Z so that he would not feel left out.


I picked this up as well because the packaging was so cute and reviews from other iHerb users were good too.


There was free direct shipping till end Oct so I might order more stuff. Any other recommendations on what would be good to get?

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