Having home cooked meals

They said the way to a man’s heart was through feeding him. I had 3 boys to feed which meant 3 times the work.

Baby X was easy to settle since I could make many servings of baby food at one cooking session. All I had to do was to use the Avent digital warmer, input the right settings and leave it to be heated up.

I would cook dinner for Z, Mr H and I. Since Z was part of the equation, it only meant cooking with less/zero oil/salt/seasoning. It was a healthier option for both Mr H and me too.

Mr H and I had been on a perpetual diet and hence, I could get away with cooking 2 dishes for dinner because we couldn’t have finished 3 dishes or Mr H would end up overeating. Cooking lesser dishes made my job much easier though I had to plan on a weekly basis to ensure that there was no repetition within the week (or 2 weeks). The weekly plan was also to facilitate wet marketing shopping on weekend mornings.

Last night, no thanks to the heavy downpour in the late afternoon, traffic was heavy and slow. We reached home at 7pm. It was pretty late so I had to change my cooking plan – switch the pumpkin chicken soup to steamed chicken.

I set the rice to cook, heated the baby food, washed the chicken, trimmed away all the wobbly fats, added minimal seasoning and steamed for 20min.


While the chicken was being steamed, I chopped the onions and cut the broccoli (already soaked and washed beforehand). Next up was peeling and washing the prawns with salt. Pan fry was the fastest way to get things cooked. I sautéed the onions for 1min (or till golden brown), added the broccoli for 3min of pan frying and finally stir in the prawns till they were fully cooked.


By this time, we could set the table because the chicken and rice would be ready in the next 5 minutes. I usually would take the ‘free’ time to wash up.

So yes, it was possible to have home cooked food but it required a certain degree of multitasking and practicing.


Before Z came along, I only used the kitchen a maximum of 5 times a year. After Z could take rice and soup from 12 months’ old onwards, it became a minimum of 5 times a week. Cooking was also an arena where the more you cooked, the more efficient you would become.

Would I need a helper just so that we could have home cooked meals? I didn’t think so.

Having no additional resources only meant you made the best use of your existing resources, seeking greater effectiveness and efficiency.

2 responses to “Having home cooked meals

  1. Im super impressed you cook dinner daily after work. And I agree, the more you cook, the faster (and better ) you are and the easier it becomes. 🙂

    • I try not to see it as a chore, and I do feel immensely gratified when the boys finish up their meals.


      But I cook to survive… Definitely not in the range of cooking for even home parties! Lol

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