Process of cooking baby food

Most Asian parents would cook porridge for babies’ main meals. I was recommended to set it to cook every morning in a slow cooker and even suggested that I sent my homemade porridge to Z’s school in the past.

It did not sound feasible to me. While I never belonged to the purist thinking, I was not keen on bottled food for daily meals.

I was very thankful to have discovered western baby food which could be cooked and frozen in batches. All we had to do was to precook and use the warmer to heat and serve. Annabel Karmel’s recipe book was so awesome that it included information like the number of servings, the nutrients and if item was suitable for freezing.

On weekdays, I would use precooked purees and on weekends, I would cook porridge. I also thought it would be good to expose the young children to as many types of food as possible.

At the same time, I would shelve 20-45min aside on weekends to make a batch of purée for freezing. Since X turned 8 months’ old, I did not blend the food as he preferred texture. He had advanced taste buds for his age because he always tried to copy his brother.

There were some starch foods that I enjoyed using such as pumpkin, but X had gotten tired of it by now, because they were sweet and turned soft easily.

This was how I typically started


Sautéed the leek in butter


Sautéed the chopped potatoes


Simmered over fresh milk with chopped broccoli


Cooked fish in fresh milk with bay leaves and peppercorn


Removed condiments, mashed up potatoes, mixed in the fish with milk and stirred in mild cheddar cheese


Packed into containers once completed


I used 2oz baby cubes and avent cups to store.

The former was good for days when X had an average appetite. There was a lot of unsalted butter, mild cheddar cheese, milk and even at times, flour involved. This was very rich purée so a 2oz portion had been enough for 6-8months old. Now that X was 9.5months’ old, he could eat more, so I would either use 2 cubes or the avent cups. The latter was great for warming up 2 hours in advance and bringing out for meals – no bowls required and the purée would still be quite warm.

The baby cubes could be purchased from blogshops (search baby cubes for freezing) or at Great World City’s Cold Storage (as far as I could remember). My recipe was modified based on availability of ingredients, permutation of combinations and based on the usual cooking structure taught by Annabel Karmel (search for Annabel Karmel,

Getting the book, as mentioned in an earlier post, was really helpful because it covered details about what babies should be eating and the nutrients required.

Guess there was no excuse that FTWM had no time to cook.

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