Dozed off

We saw many developmental changes in Baby X in the past month. One of the changes included dropping one of the two daily naps. Back at school, he was no longer that baby who would fall asleep by himself. He was active, he wanted participation, he wanted to play all the time. They had to include him for morning walks. The lack of morning nap led to a case of dozing off while waiting for lunch to be served. It was hilarious.

Baby X had also decided he was too cool to pose for my photos. It had been increasingly difficult to get him to smile at the camera. Here was a sample of the results, which largely explained the lack of Instagram photos!


We had been out to pick up some simple props for Z for a mini Halloween party at the block.

3 responses to “Dozed off

  1. The dozing off photo is so cute! πŸ™‚

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