Aftermath of a Halloween Party

In younger days, Halloween parties were about dressing up and gaining free entries to clubs.

Now it was about dressing up the children. Since Z was still young, I also had to tag along.

Truck or treat? A t-shirt which we had picked up from Paris Disneyland previously, completed with the goodie bag carrier he received from his cousin’s birthday party. How apt!


The $4 do (cape and hat)


The event which I thought the kids acted more like hungry ghouls than going for trick or treat. This shot had failed to capture the full entourage of toddlers.


It was Z’s first Trick or treat experience. He had been too young and this was probably the age that he could grapple more of it. We had very nice neighbors who took the initiative to organize it too.

Some of the parents dressed up and the 2-5 years old were shrieking and some even cried. It was funny. Amazing what a mask from Cold Storage could do!

Our makeshift treat box


We obviously did not dress up, maybe next year when X was older. It would be odd to dress up and carry a baby at the hips.

Instead of sweets, we gave out ramen, fresh milk, grapes … In the form of Iwako fancy erasers.


The night ended with all the kids screaming and playing away together, leaving us with a horrendous headache and earache. They definitely let their imagination run wild by turning off the lights in the function room and running around in the dark.

Signing off – till the next Halloween


3 responses to “Aftermath of a Halloween Party

  1. Baby X looks so adorable in his costume! Z’s cape and hat looks interesting too πŸ™‚

    Shouldn’t have looked at the erasers, esp the ramen and pizza ones… they’re making me so hungry *hee*

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