More iherb shopping

Supplements for Mr H

The reviews sounded not bad and it was cheaper than GNC multi vits. I always liked Nordic’s Natural and seeing what a bargain it was, I picked it up too.

Calendula cream and Dha for X

X had sensitive skin. Although I bought baby California calendula cream from blogshops, it was still rather pricey. Hence, I ordered this to try. The smell and texture were quite similar. The dha was also cheaper than what I would have to pay at Vitakids.

Sweets and probiotics for Z

Recalling that Z had a diarrhea episode last month, the probiotic recommendation by my friend came in handy. The gummy sweets tasted very good too!

Face serum and organic shampoo for me

Well, simply because I wanted to shop. The nature gate baby shower gel was not bad, so I decided to pick up a shampoo for myself to try too.

4 responses to “More iherb shopping

  1. Any review on the shampoo?

    I bought vitakids fr guardian when belle fell sick… cos I was desperate. 30ml for 19.95. Next day, I went to a chinese medical hall and vitakids 150ml was selling for $14.90. Such a rip off!

    Btw I do like weleda products. They are pretty good!!

  2. i just bought the baby showel gel for Rachelle too πŸ™‚

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