Happy ten months old to X!




X had not liked taking photos of late. He was very upset because he did not want to share a seat with Z. The second photo looked quite misleading because it looked like Z was strangling him when all Z wanted to do was to help me position X’s head to look into my direction for photo taking. The last photo was a poor attempt on my part to capture the actual situation. X had been pushing Z away with his hands and was actually kicking Z if you noticed the position of his foot.

At ten months’ old, X was definitely not a pushover. He was also very precise about what he wanted. I had teased him by walking away when he wanted me to carry him. Later on, he flatly rejected me! He refused to let me carry him though I knew I was his favorite parent.

His IFC teachers described him as being more cranky in school, I would define him as more demanding. He had started school on a good foot being Mr Charming. It was after he wrapped the teachers around his tiny baby finger did his demanding streak emerged, though we could always attribute that to growing up.

His eating schedule at this point –

750 – organic cereal breakfast with 60ml of ebm
830 – 100ml of ebm
1100 – lunch
1300 – 120ml ebm
1500 – tea break
1530 – 120ml ebm
1730 – 150ml ebm
*all above in school

1900 – dinner
2030 – supper (fruits or yoghurt or puffs)
2130 – 150ml ebm
*he would go to bed at 2200 on most days

As an irregular drinker, he could either wake up between 1-5am for a dream feed of 80ml or simply slept all the way till 730am when we scoped him out of his cot in his room to drive him to school for breakfast.

Something from the school this week.


His current favorite activity was to sip on the cup and let it drop to the floor. I disliked this gravity exploration bit because they found it so fun to drop things on the floor. So much so that Z went around to tell other people what X liked to do.

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