Co-ownership & poor behavior


Z had been tasked to write the names for his invitation cards meant for the classmates. It was a little old school but I thought it would be meaningful for him to do so, especially since I had settled most of the invitations via Facebook event.

While Z was writing the names, he exclaimed when he came across one of the names which had 9 letters, “Why so long???”

Well, it would have been fun to get him to distribute in school this week. Unfortunately, I wondered if any of them would be unhappy with him.

The usual sweet boy of ours had been a bully recently. It seemed like the attention on X had taken a toll on Z. He was reported to be playing rough in school. He was pushing and hitting his classmates.

How should we resolve this disciplinary problem on hand? He had been told firmly that it was a wrong thing to do but he still went against what we told him. In the immediate term, he had been dealt with. In the long run? Time to hit the books.

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