10 months and 1 week into breastfeeding

Sometimes, I would wish that I was doing other things than expressing milk 5 times a day like a cow. Given that X was an irregular milk drinker (no fixed timing), it took me longer to express the same amount of milk than in Z’s time. Something new I would learn every time.

I had packed Z off to infantcare at 14weeks’ old. That was the optimal supply output. By the time I packed X off to infantcare at 26weeks’ old, I forgot that he had been supplemented with semi-solids and his demand had dropped. In the law of demand and supply, what happened when there was a decreased demand? The body decreased the supply. *gasp*

How could I have overlook that? But I did. I was complacent.

After that, I was cautious.

That explained why I sustained the wee hours milking session. When I was very sick and rather be off sleeping, I had to be up and expressing milk. It was a little miserable.

On a Saturday rainy morning, I had to be up at 6am to express milk, read a bit of news and was too awake to sleep. I went for a run instead.

Thankfully, Mr H pitched in to help and made this breastfeeding journey a lot easier. The best kind of support, over and above moral support, was physical support. He helped me to wash, sterilize, assemble and pack the apparatus into sterile bags. He made it so much easier to traverse this path.

My target was to reach 15months as per what I did for Z. Back then, I thought I would never want a #2 because I doubted that I could even breastfed beyond 6months. Well, it actually was not so bad.

Reading this also fueled me continued strength to persevere!

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