New fish dish

Although I was only a functional cook (aka cooked for the sake of cooking), I always tried to produce different dishes. I tried to apply some of my creativity to cooking. Most would work, some were passable.

Mr H was used to hearing, “trying something new today ok?”

I was lucky that I had the more discerning taste bud of the two. That also meant he was encouraging.

I took a chance and tried this:


I washed the threadfin and laid the fillets into the foil. I added chili padi, a dash of fish sauce, a sprinkle of brown sugar, a tiny bit of salt and squeezed lime juice into it. I wrapped up the fish and baked in the oven for 20min. It actually tasted pretty decent and was surprisingly good. If we had lemongrass, this might actually taste like Thai cuisine.

Alongside with this dish, there were pumpkin cod fish porridge and stir fried baby kailan with ham and mushroom. They were not featured because they were rapidly consumed before I remembered to snap a shot.

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