Where to find Adidas Kids’ Clothes

Whenever I wore my Adidas dri-fit top and shorts, Z would associate that I was going to run.  Recently, he asked me if he could join me in my runs.  Of course, he was welcome too though I guessed I would only be running 500m instead of 5000m.

One night, Mr H took out a set of Adidas top and Bermudas which we had designated as sleepwear.  This was to facilitate Z to go to school in the morning in whatever he wore for the night.  We seldom let him wear pyjamas to bed because we wanted to remove the hassle of getting him to change in the morning.   Z insisted that set of attire was meant for running.

He also requested Mr H to wear his Adidas sportswear to join us for running.  When it came to X, he said X did not have any Adidas clothes and promptly suggested that we should go United Square to buy.  He remembered that there was an Adidas shop in the mall.

My child with a mammoth memory struck again.

One response to “Where to find Adidas Kids’ Clothes

  1. Hehe! Yes united sq has an outlet if not Adidas outlet at velocity sometimes sells kids wear too. Now I am looking for a new pair of Adidas shoes to replace Abel current one.

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