Backdated: An interest in Chinese & Waving

Z had been conversing more and more with us in Mandarin.  This morning, he started to ask for the Chinese translation for some of the objects that he saw off the road.  We were able to answer all except for ‘Tractor’.  That was difficult!  We told him honestly that we did not know and it would be best to ask his Chinese teacher.  I could have googled on the spot but I did not think there was a need for us to feign that we knew everything.

I had been very pleased with the interest he had shown in our mother tongue.  Both Mr H and I were effectively bilingual, so I was surprised when Z had claimed to not know ‘Chinese’ a few months ago.  He did not want to speak in Mandarin.  He could toggle in both languages though vocabulary work was still required in both areas.

Meanwhile, little X had been waving goodbyes on his own accord since last week, at a week shy of turning 9 months’ old.  It was so cute and I had missed his charming smiles, no thanks to the stomach flu virus which even spread to me.

Edited: By 10 months’ old, X could say ‘bye bye’ as he waved.  Super adorable, but that was because he was my baby!

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