Z poked my eye

A few weeks ago, Z played rough in school and was dealt with by Mr H at home.

He was pretty well behaved till Saturday. He apparently startled his cousin by scaring her. He also smacked his grandma too hard. On both occasions, Mr H had already told him off very firmly and even punished him.

This morning, I was cuddling him and savoring a sweet moment when he reached out and poked my eye!

I was pretty mad with him. Since I was supposed to play the good parent, I told Mr H who was to act on it.

I felt his behavior was as a result of playing with other kids who tended to play rough. It seemed like he was trying out how it felt like to bully other people. He had this oddly curious expression, like the look of a scientist peering at the results of his experiment.

Unfortunately, in this household, rough plays were not tolerated. Though I really did wonder for very long how we ought to teach him? Girls could cry when people bully them. What about boys? The politically correct answer was to walk away. When they were so young, I reckoned it was a lot to take that in.

Well, one step at a time.

I decided to put across a very strong message that he should not be causing anyone bodily harm. I told him that while I loved him very much, since he wanted to behave violently (exaggeration on my end), I would have to lodge a police report and let the policemen arrest him to keep the streets safe.

That got his attention.

Okay, resolved for today… So far.

Till the next episode, hopefully not.

Some advice, please?

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