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Season of catching up

As 2013 was closing to an end, it served to remind most of us to make time for friends who we had not seen in ages. Thanks to Facebook, we were updated on what each other was doing. No thanks to Facebook, it provided such real-time updates that you could see the time slipping away.

The marker of time had to our children. As they grew taller and stronger, we wondered about the lost and the forgotten times.

That was why blogging was important. All moments recorded, no memories lost.

I was thankful to have the chance to meet up my ex-schoolmates from Post grad, from uni, from JC and even ex-colleagues. We caught up, relived the past a little and strengthened ties which could have been diluted by time.

Coming to the end of 2013

Well, this was surely a year of expected and unexpected changes.

With 2 kids in the brood, the tempo had quickened and life, simply put, was alive.

Biggest memorable moments of 2013:
1. Welcomed X to our lives
2. Took care of X in the first 6 months of his life, as compared to 13 weeks in Z’s time
3. Travelled to London & Paris as a family of 4 (Mr H, Z, X & me)
4. Scored my holy grail in Paris
5. Started a new public blog
6. Worked on a special project with my super nice partner
7. Decided to switch to a new chapter in my career
8. Lost all my pregnancy weight and to be able to wear a UK Size 6 again!
9. Ran many kilometres, dieted many days
10. Learnt many new things, and still learning

2014 would be more vibrant, beautiful and exciting.

Here’s to everyone – Happy New Year and may 2014 brings you happiness, love, joy, laughter, contentment and bliss!



My little photographer

Z joined the gathering with my Uni mates at Nara (loved the Tom Yum soup) and was quite a patient boy throughout.

He even helped us to take a group shot. When I checked the first few shots, I thought the photos were not clear. He replied that he had taken more. He had taken 16 shots!

I was quite impressed that he took so many shots with his own initiative,

A personal project

Most women loved to shop and buy for clothes.  I was not an exception.  The love for shopping had been the main objective for many of my holidays, so much so that I had honed Mr H to concur that a holiday was not a holiday without a hearty shopping trip.

The love for shopping, bundled with my shrewdness to choose items based on quality, design and comfort, had led to this.

My family, my friends and especially my vendors would know how hard a bargain I would drive.  I always wanted the best but at a discounted price.  Even when I called for pitches, most people would be happy with 3 pitches.  I ended up with 10 or more.  It was this compulsive nature which led to this.

It led to me deciding to source for children’s clothes to sell.  I really loved shopping to a T.  Give me 5 minutes’ free time, I would be shopping or window shopping online.  These days, the thought of trying on clothes with 3 guys waiting for me, rendered the idea of retail shopping rather unappealing.  Furthermore, it was always annoying to wait for the sales people to check for stocks.  It was more so when you had annoying Z annoying me.

That was where all the years of what I studied and did professionally came in use.  The Business IT bachelor degree, the marketing experience (and in specific digital marketing) and the MBA helped me to piece an understanding, the business plan, the concept and the presentation together.

This project of mine was definitely at an infancy stage.  I would not know how it could pan out but it was certainly fun and fulfilling to make it this far.

My dear friends, please do me a favour and help to spread the word.

I hoped your friends and you would enjoy shopping or window shopping on this store as much as I had enjoyed putting them together.

In case you wondered where I found the time to do this, it was either I slept later and spent 11pm-1am on it or waking up at 5am to do before going to work.  That explained why I blogged a lot lesser.  In due time, I hoped we would become more operationally efficient.  Meanwhile, let us learn the ropes slowly but surely.

Bali is a drink

We were chatting about my family’s upcoming holiday. Z jumped into the conversation and started talking about swimming pools. We told him that the hotel in Bali would have a very nice swimming pool.

He blurted,”Bali is a drain.”

A drain? Why would he describe the pool there as a drain?

He corrected to,”Bali is a drink!!” upon seeing my confusion.

A drink????? Was he talking about some famous Bali drink, mocktail or cocktail?

Then it sank in. He had been ordering homecooked barley the past few times.

No wonder he was so confused when we told him he could swim in Bali. The poor boy must have been fantasizing about swimming in sweet Barley water!

First taste of chrysanthemum tea

X had his first sip of chrysanthemum tea from a packet drink today.

This was 3 weeks’ shy of turning one year old.

What it also meant was that he learnt how to suck fluid via a straw on his first attempt. Time to switch to a straw cup from a sippy cup!

Z’s birthday parties

By the time we hit 4th year running, I would thought we would have gotten used to how much energy a kid’s party zapped out of us.  Every time Z’s birthday party ended, we would think it would be better next year or we would scale back the next one or we would not hold one.

Since Z grew to a ‘sensible’ age when he understood and revelled in birthday parties, relished in the joy of having many around him singing him a birthday song in gusto, appreciated the beautifully wrapped gifts … he always discussed with us what he wanted to do for his birthday.

When he was one year old, I felt he could not figure out the purpose of a party, so it was meant for adults.  It was meant for us to celebrate the joy of our child turning one year old and we hosted about 120 family and friends at Raffles Town Club’s ballroom at a colleague’s recommendation.  It was tried and tested, and food was good.

When he was two years’ old, we had shifted to a new place.  Hence, we decided to hold a birthday party instead of a housewarming party but still meeting the objective of having our family and friends at our new abode.  We had about 60 guests and 10+ kids.  It was quite manageable till the strong rains poured in towards the end.

When he was three years’ old, we opted for Polliwogs at Robertson Walk.  It was pretty new (a friend’s recommendation) and it seemed pretty fun.  Z loved it and the party host was very engaging too.  Based on all the kids’ parties I had attended, I thought Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk offered the best hosting.  The flip side was I had to plan a separate session for family and close friends as an indoor playground venue was not so suitable due to the poor selection of food.

When he turned four years’ old, I had a hard time deciding where to go.  Z asked for another party at Polliwogs and I went, “Another playground party?  How boring!”  It probably was not boring for him but would be boring for the adults.  Once again, I was lucky to receive another recommendation from my colleague.  Hence, I chose Tott Cooking Studio & Bistro.  There was a ‘Bake & Go’ session for the kids and followed by catered lunch for all.  There was also an attached mini indoor playground.  Z had not been keen initially but I kept marketing the concept to him.  He eventually bought the idea, got excited and started telling all his classmates that they would be baking cookies at his party.  The ‘Bake & Go’ session turned out to be pretty interesting for the kids.  They only had to shape the premixed dough.  The staff at the studio would help to bake and pack the cookies into the tins.

The catered lunch was pretty good too, given that Tott Bistro already served up pretty decent dishes for regular fanfare.  All in all, it was a good experience and it certainly helped that the cookies tasted fabulous too.  I figured out something was up when I saw most kids munching on their cookies relentlessly and happily.  The cookies tasted so good that I guessed I might return for a ‘Bake & Go’ session  myself!