Variations of egg dishes

1. Mushroom, chopped leek, ham

2. Chopped mashed tomatoes, mushroom, ham

3. Salted egg yolk

4. Prawns

5. Taiwanese sausage

6. Cai po (but an extreme oil splattering experience)

Eggs, whether stir fried in Chinese style or pan fried in western style with butter and cheese, were always easy to make.

Like what I had always seen from hotel breakfast buffets, you simply throw all the items to cook together and the eggs go in last.

If I wanted a more oriental finishing, I would leave the egg to cook till it turned brown.

If I felt like a scrambled egg finishing, I would sautéed the ingredients with butter at the start and add cheese shortly after the eggs.

For a true blue western omelette finishing, it was rather challenging to achieve with my current skills. Plus, as long as it tasted good, I did not really cared how it looked and thankfully, Mr H and Z were in agreement.

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