Christmas shopping

With 20 days more to Christmas, I had only been busy with preparing and collecting RSVPs for Z’s party.

I had had guests asking what Z would like.

It then struck me that I had not prepared a single gift for Z or X this year. Last year, Z had been overwhelmed with Lightning McQueen apparels and merchandise. What I overlooked was that he would receive more toys on Xmas day, so till now, he had not finished opening his birthday presents from his last birthday,

Hence, it would not make sense for me to buy him toys.

Clothes? Nay…. Way too much clothes too, because I had been buying so consistently.

The same situation for X too. There were too many toys from Z’s time and from X’s full month. As their mom (who knew how much of everything they had since I also had been buying consistently), I was at a loss on what to buy.

Maybe I should just buy both of them an iPad air each.

Just kidding.

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