Christmas parties week

Though Christmas was a good 2-3 weeks’ away, Z and X had attended 3 Christmas parties to date.

One on the 7th at our estate, one on the 12th at Z’s school and one on the 13th at X’s school.

Both kids had their fair share of presents. Z even received extra presents from his friends, on top of the one for exchange. It made us feel really bad that I did not prepare!

The kids had begun opening the presents since X had rendered it dangerous to put up a Christmas tree with his constant chewing and putting-everything-in-his-mouth habit.

Loved how X peered at his present with interest


Before he started chomping on it #seewhatimean #eatseverything


X’s first shoe


As the second child, he was supposed to wear his brother’s hand me downs but he really defied all second child theory. He had his fair share of indulgence and still got to be spoilt silly by everyone around him.

His lovely infantcare teachers also did up a personalized calendar to go along with his Christmas goodie bag.


What a jolly season for the children and us! Earlier, whilst enroute to Great World City for dinner, Z asked to visit the huge Christmas tree at Ion. This boy had been so cute. His recent favorite liner was,”People are celebrating Christmas because they don’t know me.”

It took me a very long while to figure out what Mr H thought. What it meant was – for people who knew Z, they would celebrate his birthday with him. For people who did not know Z, they would celebrate Christmas. Well, it made sense though the sentence came out rather odd!

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