Morning talk

We always spent a great deal of time talking to Z in the morning.  We covered a wide range of topics and he asked what the meaning of “jealousy” was about.

We were discussing about Dusty the Plane and Ripslinger the Plane.  He asked why Ripslinger disliked Dusty and I had explained the Ripslinger was jealous.  From there, Z was curious as to why Ripslinger could dislike someone, and why Ripslinger did not like the fact that Dusty was more successful.

Well, my boy, I hoped you would grow up to be a better man and be proud of what you had and not covet for success that did not belong to you.  As long as you had tried your best and done your best, be happy with your achievements.  Contentment would be the key to happiness in life.

Would any parent not wish that the child reached for the brightest star in the sky?  If the pursuit for the brightest star was to be unhappy and unyielding, I would prefer to walk a happy path by your side and still try to guide you to a brilliant path.  Sometimes success might come to those who worked hard and sometimes success might come to some by chance.  All I needed you to do was to live a life of integrity, built based on foundation of love and conscientiousness and be a man that I would be proud to call my son.

I could provide you all the tools to succeed in life but you still had to be the one to fish for your happiness.

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