The Ion Xmas tree

Z was a Christmas baby for a good reason. We loved Christmas and he loved Christmas. It was a very joyous and happy season. Our resident Christmas child loved to take photos with Christmas trees. He kept seeing the huge Christmas tree at Ion and requested very sweetly for us to bring him there.

Who could deny a child who asked ever so sweetly?

We popped down to Daiso to pick up some laundry bags, bought an Awfully Chocolate Millie crepe cake and tried this Vietnamese restaurant called “Wrap and Roll”.

It was very good and reminded me of the nice steamed rolls at Hanoi. Mr H enjoyed the food very much. We were pleased to find that they took reservations and had a branch at Star Vista too.


Pity that this was out of stocks when we were there!


We fulfilled Z’s wish and he was so majorly pleased to see the huge Christmas tree. He posed ever so readily for the photos inside and outside the tree.






That wrapped up a simple Monday evening.

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