Biscuits and thoughts

My friend gave a packet of biscuits to Z. There were prints of Disney Princesses on the packaging.

In the morning, I asked Z to bring the biscuits to school and eat.

He said,”No, I don’t want.”

I was about to launch into a tirade on how he should not be so choosy and spoilt. He added on,”My friends will say this is for girls. I eat this biscuit at home.”

I was amused. Well, it showed a few things too.
1. I was insensitive and failed to look at this situation from his point of view.
2. He thought ahead of the situation and knew the possible teasing.
3. He addressed my concern on when and where he would finally consume the biscuit.
4. He had accepted the biscuits from my friend, either without much of a thought or he did not want to decline or he wanted to eat regardless of the packaging.

Whatever it was, this episode showed me that he could think and present a solution before I could respond.

I wished he would show me this trait in future and not be relegated to an once-off incident. I hoped to have more of such incidents to look forward to.

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