Insanely sweet brothers


Scenes like this absolutely melts my heart. I had zero idea of how having 2 children would pan out to be. Z was such a generous hearted soul and he loved his little brother X with so much zest.

While there would be times when Z wanted to take something away from X, he would usually ask,”X, kor kor take this ok?” He, of course, assumed agreement on X’s end. X would either be in a daze or nonchalant about it. However, I made it a point to remind Z not to always take things away. X could not retaliate now but that did not mean he would not in future.

X had his demanding times and Z would usually oblige to the point of over giving in. X idolized Z and it was evident in his adoration. He always laughed appreciatively when Z played with him. He definitely was not taking his brother’s attention for granted.

Most of the time, when Z imitated me to tell X off, X would also pause to listen and oblige some times.

They made such a charming and sweet team. We were so blessed to have them and so lucky that they loved each other as much too.

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