A personal project

Most women loved to shop and buy for clothes.  I was not an exception.  The love for shopping had been the main objective for many of my holidays, so much so that I had honed Mr H to concur that a holiday was not a holiday without a hearty shopping trip.

The love for shopping, bundled with my shrewdness to choose items based on quality, design and comfort, had led to this.

My family, my friends and especially my vendors would know how hard a bargain I would drive.  I always wanted the best but at a discounted price.  Even when I called for pitches, most people would be happy with 3 pitches.  I ended up with 10 or more.  It was this compulsive nature which led to this.

It led to me deciding to source for children’s clothes to sell.  I really loved shopping to a T.  Give me 5 minutes’ free time, I would be shopping or window shopping online.  These days, the thought of trying on clothes with 3 guys waiting for me, rendered the idea of retail shopping rather unappealing.  Furthermore, it was always annoying to wait for the sales people to check for stocks.  It was more so when you had annoying Z annoying me.

That was where all the years of what I studied and did professionally came in use.  The Business IT bachelor degree, the marketing experience (and in specific digital marketing) and the MBA helped me to piece an understanding, the business plan, the concept and the presentation together.

This project of mine was definitely at an infancy stage.  I would not know how it could pan out but it was certainly fun and fulfilling to make it this far.

My dear friends, please do me a favour and help to spread the word.

I hoped your friends and you would enjoy shopping or window shopping on this store as much as I had enjoyed putting them together.

In case you wondered where I found the time to do this, it was either I slept later and spent 11pm-1am on it or waking up at 5am to do before going to work.  That explained why I blogged a lot lesser.  In due time, I hoped we would become more operationally efficient.  Meanwhile, let us learn the ropes slowly but surely.

2 responses to “A personal project

  1. Congrats on your new “baby”!

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