Bali is a drink

We were chatting about my family’s upcoming holiday. Z jumped into the conversation and started talking about swimming pools. We told him that the hotel in Bali would have a very nice swimming pool.

He blurted,”Bali is a drain.”

A drain? Why would he describe the pool there as a drain?

He corrected to,”Bali is a drink!!” upon seeing my confusion.

A drink????? Was he talking about some famous Bali drink, mocktail or cocktail?

Then it sank in. He had been ordering homecooked barley the past few times.

No wonder he was so confused when we told him he could swim in Bali. The poor boy must have been fantasizing about swimming in sweet Barley water!

2 responses to “Bali is a drink

  1. Haha! Zach is so cute lah! 🙂

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