Coming to the end of 2013

Well, this was surely a year of expected and unexpected changes.

With 2 kids in the brood, the tempo had quickened and life, simply put, was alive.

Biggest memorable moments of 2013:
1. Welcomed X to our lives
2. Took care of X in the first 6 months of his life, as compared to 13 weeks in Z’s time
3. Travelled to London & Paris as a family of 4 (Mr H, Z, X & me)
4. Scored my holy grail in Paris
5. Started a new public blog
6. Worked on a special project with my super nice partner
7. Decided to switch to a new chapter in my career
8. Lost all my pregnancy weight and to be able to wear a UK Size 6 again!
9. Ran many kilometres, dieted many days
10. Learnt many new things, and still learning

2014 would be more vibrant, beautiful and exciting.

Here’s to everyone – Happy New Year and may 2014 brings you happiness, love, joy, laughter, contentment and bliss!



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