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Happy lunar new year


For the very first time, we had invested in some decoration dollars to dress up the house for lunar new year.

Most of our lunar New Years were spent on holidays or in confinements. This was also the first time that Z had a better inkling of the festival.

The last time he went visiting, he just crossed one year old. Well, that was almost 4 years ago.

In a blink, really, in a blink… Z was so old already.

I loved how his eyes now twinkled with excitement and even mischief.

Well, I reckoned his eyes would twinkle even more with the receipt of Ang Pows.

This was technically X’s second lunar new year but he barely completed his full month during the last lunar new year. I only remembered he was blessed with so many red packets from the new year and his full month.

Here was to wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year, especially the little kids with their ‘earnings’!

Swimming progress


Z had started swimming lessons at Aqua ducks in June 2013. He was 3.5 years old and while he was constantly exposed to the waters since young, he would always scream and cling on to Mr H in the pool. It could be attention seeking or it could be genuine fear. It had been difficult to teach him swimming at home.

We had been recommended to Aqua ducks by Z’s classmate’s mom. While it was rather pricey, they made adapting to water so fun that Z was sold. It reminded me of one of the 36 stratagems – 瞒天过海. They used nursery songs and toys to distract the children from being overly worried about the waters.

There were 2 other children when Z had started the class. Of the 3, Z had progressed the most and it truly inflated his ego (as seen from the confidence in jumping down the water slide).

Most of the time, when Z swam at home, he was talking way too much and it sort of reminded me of a friend. Today, one of the rare times when I got to observe him in class, I realized he could swim really well.

As his progress had exceeded that of his current class, his coach had requested for us to move him up to another more advanced class.

It was pretty amazing what 7 months could do.

Slight inconveniences to health

A day before Chinese New Year, I had to land myself with food poisoning, flu and blocked ducts. Not exactly the best combination, I would take it in stride and recognize it as the perfect reason why I should not be overeating this festive season.

I should also count myself lucky that I managed to get a cabbage before the markets were closed for the festival.

I was also lucky to have a good stash of medication at home, thanks to Mr H’s overzealous preparedness.

In any case, this 24 hours might prove to be crucial as to how I would fit in the cheongsam.

Glad my sense of dry humour was still intact despite a dripping wet nose.



Here was X waiting eagerly to tear his diaper cake apart while Z obliged with my request to pose.

X’s character was emerging.

He had a clearer awareness of what was going on around him. He became more demanding but what was so endearing about him was – he would always snuggle up to me.

Z could play very well with X. It was so well that he could make X stay in his cot for at least half an hour. Z had climbed in and out of X’s cot, to X’s delight. He had even opened the jar of diaper cream and got it smeared all over X’s romper. It sure sounded like the start of boys’ messing up the house.

Special noodle

Z had a steamboat in school as part of the cny celebration.

When asked what he ate during the steamboat, he said he ate ‘noodle mirror’. It was quite puzzling until Mr H guessed that it was glass noodle. We had quite a good laugh over that.

Z was embarrassed and corrected it to “glass mirror noodle”.