An official One


First month – we marveled at how much he took after Z

Second month – we were thankful that he was sleeping through

Third month – I was delighted that he enjoyed going out daily

Fourth month – we were lucky that he was a good traveller

Fifth month – I had to battle to teach him how to eat

Sixth month – he adapted to school easily

Seventh month – he was starting to look like me!

Eight month – he was sitting up very well and becoming really cheeky

Ninth month – he became a good playmate to his brother

Tenth month – he fell prey to gastric flu, hfmd and roseola. It was not a pretty sight.

Eleventh month – he showed a preference for our food versus his baby food

Twelfth month – he finally crawls a little more but know that he wants to stand more, knows where the best loot is, knows that he should be eating everything on the table and of course knows that we love him deeply.


Happy first birthday, our dear lil X!

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