Sweetest infantcare teachers ever

X completed 6 full months with the school on his 1st birthday.

His already-very-sweet infantcare teachers made him a birthday card and bought him a gift. We were really touched by their sweet gesture. They were so nice to the children, took very good care of them and always took the initiative to whatsapp us what X was up to – be it reading, music lesson, picnic, art class and more.

It was not an obligation but they did it anyway.

They were such lovely and passionate teachers that they really set the gold standard in our hearts.

Z and X were very lucky to have attended Ifc in this school.


2 responses to “Sweetest infantcare teachers ever

  1. Request them to take pics of X doing the activities as well? Can include the pics in his 2nd bday montage! πŸ™‚

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