Another mishap

Not too long ago, I talked about how Z almost drowned.

A few days ago, he also walked away from us, thought he got separated from us and bawled really loud in the shop. That did not deter him from walking away for another time or a third time.

I had to remind him the grave consequences should he be abducted by syndicates.

Just when you thought he would be a little more cautious, he walked with his back facing the front and walked into a sharp edge of a retail stand.

This was after we stopped the blood flow and cleaned up the mess.


Le sigh.

My heart sank when I saw all the blood. It reminded me of the time when he fell and cut the corner of his eye. It was so near to his cornea!

We had several close shaves and as much as we had educated Z, boys would be boys. I hoped we could make it through unscathed.

Well, what didn’t kill would make him stronger, right?

Super Le sigh.

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