Seeking attention

Z had been a tad overbearing with his need for attention in the past week. He broke into sobs over the slightest reasons.

I thought we were beyond that.
We weren’t.

I suspected it was because my mom bought X this musical toy from her holiday.


She bought Z an ukulele which was more expensive.

However, it could be a case of the ‘grass greener on the other side’ or he truly found the ukulele hard to use, Z rejected that gift and wanted the same as X.

Whatever it was, we had to teach Z that X was not obligated to let him have the first rights of use and X was not willing to too. He was delighted with the toy and relished in showing off to us that he knew how to play.

This shook the boat literally.

Z would sob at every possible moment over non-related matters. It was all about attention. For the past week, he would refuse to sleep and sob in bed.

Well, well…

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