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First day in Bali

We took such an early morning flight that we were all snoozing on the plane for the entire 2.5 hours’ flight. We slept so much that only Z did not miss his in-flight meal.

As we had X with us, we were given an early check in. We settled down and headed out for lunch at the much acclaimed Sardine. It was semi-drizzling so the non-sheltered seats were all covered up.

We ordered tuna tartare, sautéed king fish, risotto and a dessert. Food was surprisingly good! Mr H was a happy camper.

The kids lapped up the risotto well too, with Z declaring that he liked the seafood very much.

By the time lunch was finished, the skies looked clear so we trooped around the ‘paddy fields’ bit. We spotted a few pond skaters and were asked to death why they had such a name.

Z spotted pond skaters


The little pavilion out there


We lounged at the day bed for a bit.


Before Z shooed us back to hotel for a swim



By evening, it was dinner at Biku restaurant and I thought that was really unimpressive. We ordered the local dishes and apart from the mixed satay grill and fried rice, the banana leaf fish and the oxtail soup was so so.

Your hand in my hand

One of X’s cute habits was to put his hand out whenever I got into the car. It was his cue for me to hold his hand. For once, I was a preferred parent.

I was not running a popularity contest. However, the stark difference in how both kids responded always made me wonder if it was because I spent more time with X or if I had been more lax with X.

In the past, I always had classes, projects, exams and business trips. Plus, I always played the bad guy so Z knew that daddy was his ally.

I enjoyed this preferential treatment very much. It would not be long before the boys think it would be frumpy to spend time with parents.

Belated – Packing

It would seem that going for a beach holiday with kids called for more logistics than had we opted for a wintry one. The bucket, the spade, the floats, the sunblock, the picnic mat and extra clothings for breezing in and out of the pool.

I had my itinerary planned out around beach clubs and food. Thus, I had made all necessary reservations and leaving the other half to play by ear. I had not scheduled any sightseeing bit because I thought we would most likely be just hanging out by the pool.

Well, that bit was odd to reconcile but we shall try!

As per the usual drill, I started packing our luggage more than a week in advance. With kids, we tended to overpack especially if we would not be in the comfort of a service apartment. As a mother, I appreciated the washer and dryer very much. This time round, we opted for the convenience of a hotel.

Most people would opt for villas but I honestly would not want to spend the entire time looking over my shoulder. I had this paranoia about both kids jumping into the pool when we were not looking.

Besides, we needed 2 double beds and I certainly would not be needing a 2 bedroom villa for that purpose.

Meanwhile, it was countdown for the kids. I really loved this period where I could blackmail Z into obedience with ease.

A day in the park

Last weekend, we met up with our friends for breakfast at Grub, a cafe tucked in a quiet corner of Bishan Park.  Both families enjoyed the Chicken thigh burger and Belgian waffles.  Our main plan was for all the children to play on their scooters and bicycle before ending off with playing in the water background.

The water playground was rather different from what I expected and I did wonder if it was under renovation or only semi-operational. In any case, the boys had fun. It was the company that counted.


They had so much fun that they were only agreeable to leaving after the water source was turned off. We had lunch nearby before hustling the boys home for nap.

It was so sunny that Z developed a tan!

Happy 7th Anniversary

It was amazing to look back and say, “Hey, we have been married for 7 years!”

We were blessed and thankful to have more ups and downs.

We were blessed and thankful to have the opportunities to love and learn.

We were blessed and thankful to have each other to have and hold, and even two beautiful boys to walk the journey with us.

On this day, I wished the marriage would continue to be strong, happy and loving.  We would still have our differences but I hoped we would still always be able to respect, love and spend every single day as happily as possible.

Full acceptance of formula milk

More than a week ago, X had finally accepted 100% formula milk.  We had been mixing 20% of formula milk into his feeds.  Then it was 40%, 60% and finally 100%.  The entire transition took one month.  I had gone from expressing 5 times a day to 2 times a day in the same period too.

As per what many mothers would feel, it was a bittersweet decision.  Eventually, I needed to lead a normal life and the need to express milk every 3-4 hours definitely made travelling a lot more inconvenient.

It would be another 3-4 years of pouring money down the formula milk companies’ pockets.  I reckoned we really needed to get some form of supermarket discount card.



It was a little known fact that I was into apples when I was looking to eat more healthily.

I had been apprehensive of China Fuji apples and I always thought they tasted odd and diluted. For a while, I used to buy New Zealand Fuji apples. They were smaller but they were great. It used to go for 8 pc at $2.85.

But one day, it went out of season and there was no stocks.

The USA envy apples were nice but they were too crunchy and big for my liking.

I chanced upon these Italian apples and bought it to try. I had not expected much but man.. They were very nice! They were so sweet to the point that it reminded me of dessert apples (and even ice wines!). There was a nectar sweetness to it.

Well, they had to be really nice for me to even write about it. I hoped they would not go out of season so soon!