Full acceptance of formula milk

More than a week ago, X had finally accepted 100% formula milk.  We had been mixing 20% of formula milk into his feeds.  Then it was 40%, 60% and finally 100%.  The entire transition took one month.  I had gone from expressing 5 times a day to 2 times a day in the same period too.

As per what many mothers would feel, it was a bittersweet decision.  Eventually, I needed to lead a normal life and the need to express milk every 3-4 hours definitely made travelling a lot more inconvenient.

It would be another 3-4 years of pouring money down the formula milk companies’ pockets.  I reckoned we really needed to get some form of supermarket discount card.

3 responses to “Full acceptance of formula milk

  1. Yay… why there are no loyalty points collectiom for FM 😅

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