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Independent walker at last


One of the best moments in life with a child was to watch them stand up on their own and walk for the first time. It did not matter how early or late they walk, it was watching them filled with fierce determination to take the first step of their own. It was a progression to a stage new to them, an exhilaration for the parents to witness the change.

X was 14 months and 4 days’ old when he finally took his real, solid independent steps. I was feeding the boys some snacks and half watching tv when X crawled past me.

The next thing was Z shouting in excitement, “Mummy, look!!”

Mr H piqued,”Dear, X’s walking!”

I turned around to see a proud X strutting on his own. He got up from a sitting position on his own and was walking confidently. It was very cute. I actually enjoyed this period when he had been learning to walk and holding my hands. I had been walking him to school every possible morning.

That day happened to be the day that the boys got to open a new toy for playing well with each other.

That day also happened to be the day that X refused to let me feed him snacks because he felt he ought to feed himself. I told him,”Is it because you can walk so you think you are a big boy and can feed yourself?” X actually pouted in response but eventually gave in to me.

Kids grew up so fast that we never knew what hit us.

Turning back to wave bye

We usually drop X off first. I would bring X up while Mr H and Z wait in the car. X would wave goodbye after getting out of the car seat.

As we walked to the lobby, there were times that Z would call out from the car and we would turn around to wave goodbye for the second time.

For the past week, X had been walking across his school lobby with my assistance. It was the same old same old. One morning, as we walked towards the building, X suddenly stopped in his footsteps as though he forgot something.

He made an U-turn and lifted his hand up to wave.

My little drummer



X exhibited such strong interest in drums and musical instruments that we thought he might have a thing for music.

As such, we had decided to sign him up for drum lessons for the very talented babies NOT. All we had done was to be really accommodating when he wanted to tap chopsticks on every single porcelain bowl at meals, so I had to apologize for the din that we made during meal times.

We had also been letting him play with the drum set all the time and let our ears suffer.

To be honest, I was really surprised when he refused to sleep one night. He stood at his cot and seemed to be demanding for something. I thought he wanted to stay up and was going to carry him to the living room. He started throwing his body about and then I realized that he wanted to play with the drums which we had placed in his room.

It was 1030pm and he played the drums pretty softly! Quite considerate I would say.

For the past week, we had been putting up with his musical play.

The biggest difference between X and Z was that X showed a deeper interest in all forms of play that Z was not. X could also play cookery by himself for very long and I harboured thoughts of him becoming a chef so that he could cook for me.

Well, I would be logging this down and see what my sons would grow up to be in future. I would love for them to do what they love so that everyday would be a happy day.

The gash in my heart

X had such bad tempers that it was not funny. He would throw himself about if he could not get his ways.

There was one such day where it got out of hand. He plopped himself into a sitting position and slammed backwards.

In the process of doing so, his head hit my jeweled heels. A rather sick feeling hit me too.

The soft skin of his scalp was torn by the sharp edges of the embellishments on my heels.

Thankfully it was a superficial wound but every time I saw that 6cm long gash, it cut through my heart.

Sinful macarons


They served up such amazing flavours for a macaron every week that I had to make a special trip down to the Pek Kio area at least once a month.

They made such good macarons that when Z ordered from Bakerzin, I thought the Bakerzin ones were so terribly bad.

In order of preference from this week’s selection – rose lychee, yellow peach, choc bueno and mangosteen.

Brunch at Anthesis


First of all, they are kids friendly! It is rather spacious and they have a lot of baby chairs.

I was impressed by the selection and quality of food. The prices included 7% gst and there was no service charge. The service was pretty good though. Well, despite how difficult it was to park in the area, I reckoned we should be back.

Banana waffles, $12


Eggs duet, $14


Truffle fries was good and on par with the one at Dempsey.


Unfortunately, the eggs Benny was not available, which was also why we would be back!

They also served up a mean sea salt caramel chocolate tart. It was fantabulous at $6.50. We were pretty happy campers and it was not overly crowded.

Fervent shoe wearer

X would never leave home without wearing shoes. Wait a minute, even if he was home, he also wanted to wear shoes. I could see his gradual process in learning to walk. He could stand unassisted for 5-10 seconds. However, he was still unsure about walking on his own. The best I could do was to hold him with only one hand, instead of two hands, as he walked.

At almost 14 months’ old (at the point when it happened), he was also enthused about high fives and waving goodbyes. He looked really cute trying to balance and waving with a hand.