The fourth day

We typically slept in most of the time. We missed waking up to catching soft sun rays. The boys could really sleep!

We decided that it would be shopping day. We ate the wedding anniversary cake for breakfast and cabbed out to the shopping streets of Seminyak. The streets looked interesting, the clothes appeared pretty hip too but the prices threw me off a quite a fair bit! Thankfully, I was not into the resort and Balinese style of clothes.

We had a simple lunch at Seminyak Square and shopped around the area. I saw this window display and liked it very much.


The boys’ clothes


We bought 2 of this


Too bad that I did not have any daughters!




We took a break at Grocer & Grind and Z had his first babycino.


He was not impressed with the name because he thought it was more of X’s drink than his. After trying, he declared he liked it.

We returned to the hotel for more DVD watching and pool!

Looked how tanned X had become.


It was our last night and we could not resist not returning to Sardine for dinner.

More photo taking before heading out for dinner


Dinner at Sardine



The boys fooling around at the lobby’s Dino eggs area


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