A typical weekend

More often than not, we would be asked on what our weekends were like.

Singapore might be small but I did not think it was such a boring little city.  There were times when I travelled, even if it was for a few days, and I always thought about how much I missed home.  Home, no matter how small an island, was always a vibrant and lively city where you knew you could have so many cafes, bars and restaurants to hang out at our fingertips.  There was always entertainment such as movies, KTV, parks, concerts, events, fairs and playgrounds within reach too.

It was not so much about where we went but about who we spent it with.

With kids, time was never enough.  With kids, any place in their eyes was a sparkling new, exciting adventure.

Perhaps we could take the time to see our home from the eyes of a young child and appreciate how beautiful a city it was.

My idea of an idyllic weekend was as simple as waking up to bring Z and X to Pek Kio Hawker Centre for breakfast.  The handmade chee chong fun was the bomb.  So were simple snacks like the goreng pisang or the economical bee hoon.  I thought the teh o was very nicely done too.  It was actually one of the cleanest hawker centres I had ever been to.  It was breezy and pretty nice to hang out.

It also helped that Joys’ Baking & Co was nearby too.

We had a late lunch and spent an hour lazing by the pool.  Before you knew it, it was time for the boys to nap and time for dinner.

Weekends were best spent with people you loved.

Home was where the hearts were, especially the tiny little hearts.

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