The Walker-in-training

X had taken a strong interest in the hand-me-down mothercare walker.

It was made of wood and very sturdy to push along, as compared to the plastic walkers which tended to be too light or too smooth to provide friction against the floor.  We had 1 wooden walker and 4-5 plastic walkers, all were kind gifts from friends during Z’s time.

Last week, X emptied the wooden blocks from the wooden walker and climbed onto it.  Very naturally, Z pushed the walker so that X could enjoy a ride on it.  Z pushed the walker up and down the house, much to X’s delight.  All these were done while I was bathing and Mr H was cooking dinner.

It amused me to no end how the boys could get into an act like this together.

When I asked Z to stop, X actually got pretty upset with Z for stopping!  He wailed and gestured at Z.  When Z resumed, X was at all smiles again.  When Z was too slow, X would complain a little.  When Z went too fast, X would stoop a little and cheered in excitement.

I thought we were really blessed that both kids enjoyed each other’s company and had so much fun together.  May their brotherly love would remain steadfast and last till the end of times.


4 responses to “The Walker-in-training

  1. Xav looks so cute in the outfit! 🙂

  2. how cute is X in his clothes!

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