Coming to the (almost) end of the breastfeeding journey

This round, I would be calling it a day earlier than during Z’s time.  I completed about 15 months of breastfeeding during Z’s time.

For X, it would seem to be 13.5 ~ 14 months.

Travelling always render breastfeeding a pain to deal with logistically.

Now that we had 2 kids, we had more barang barang to carry around.  Hence, there was ‘urgency’ in getting X to accept 100% formula milk before we flew off to Bali.

I never thought I would be able to go through another year of breastfeeding after Z’s time.  I surprised myself by taking this on.  Experience did not make this round easier though.  A routinely fed baby would.  I had so many engorgements with X as compared to Z’s time.

When we came through DFS after flying home from Bali, we stocked up on wines and beers again.  It had been a very long hiatus of nearly 2 years.  I did miss an occasional Hoegarden or a glass of chill white wine.  Maybe I should be sentimental that I would cease being the source of milk provider.

However, I would really not miss the days and nights of expressing milk, having lesser time to myself or with my family or even work, carrying around bags of equipment, bagging milk for freezing and dealing with clots.

It was a journey that I would look back, that I would reminisce and I would share with my friends or my sons and their future wives.  Like a new business, it was difficult to start up.  However, once you grasp the ropes, it would bring in a steady stream of income milk.  It was time to ‘wind up’ this milking business.

The biggest contributor in the equation was Mr H who would relentlessly help to wash, sterilise and assemble the apparatus.  Between the two of us, we had punched in so many manhours that really, it was time for formula milk to relieve our sanity and unclog our precious time.


3 responses to “Coming to the (almost) end of the breastfeeding journey

  1. You still have frozen milk lefts? Do a milk bunny pendant for keepsake?

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