Sale at NotTooBig bazaar at Forum shopping centre

It was located at Basement 1.

I seldom blogged real time but given that this was a sales update. We were at My Little Gym for Z’s classmate’s birthday party. I had walked past the bazaar and not noticed it because I thought it was pretty messy.


X was learning to walk and made rounds around the stash. I noticed the shoes and thought if the holster shoes and sandals were on sale. It was!

This particular pair caught my eye last year but it was $69.90. Even at 15% off, Mr H was not supportive of me buying it then. Today, it was $16!


The promotion was $19.90 for all shoes and buy 4 get 1 free. That was how $16 was derived.


I also picked up another pair of their classic designs.

There were a whole lot more stuffs at the bazaar but the time constraint rendered it tough to shop further. It looked to continue a few more days but do call NotTooBig or Forum customer care to confirm before going down!

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