I want to stay with you

We were watching a documentary on Channel 8 on a Saturday night.  It was about youths who had graduated from school and what they wanted to do in their lives.  Some wanted to land on good jobs so that they could buy apartments.     Some wanted to pursue their interest in arts.  It was an interesting mix of youths from varied backgrounds and countries.

It stirred Z’s interest and made him think about what life would be like as an adult.  He was worried about how he was going to earn money and how he could possibly buy his own house too.  I feared I might have overloaded my child with too much information on property trends, returns on investment and COE.

He asked in a very serious tone, “Mummy, if I cannot find work in future, can I stay with you?”  It was a very cute moment because he was very serious!  I asked him what his future wife would think because she might not want to stay with us.  Z replied firmly that his future wife would either stay with us or go back to her parents’ house but he would definitely stay with us.

He also informed us that X would stay with us too.  At this juncture, X blabbered and pointed at Z.  I joked that X did not want to stay with us.

Z went, “X, if you don’t want to stay together next time, you will not be able to play with me har!”

I loved how this precious child of ours was so into family and togetherness.

We were really blessed to have such a loving and sensible child, despite stepping on my toes 3 times a day.

5 responses to “I want to stay with you

  1. Such an awwww moment! 🙂

  2. Awww… super sweet boy…

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