Eating habits

When compared to Z, X might have preferred stronger seasoning, more demanding and more adventurous. X would not hesitate to spit out porridge and go for what was on our table. Z would have been more accommodating.

However, X was still easier to cope with because he ate faster and did not vomit on demand (VOD). Z used to VOD so much that we were always held ransom by that. Until my brilliant friend suggested that he could clean his own vomit, only then did Z stop his VOD acts at 20 months’ old.

We did not enjoy feeding X because this age was the trickiest to cope with. Last Sunday, he surprised me at lunch by chomping down his rice, herbal soup, chicken and steamed cod fish very readily.

He ate very fast and there was minimal mess. He was too preoccupied with using the tissue paper to wipe his tray, his bottle cap and shredding the tissue paper to bits.

The tissue bits were a mess but anything was better than spat-out food and vomit. Whatever it took, we would take it!

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