We loved weekends!

Weekends were times for play, bonding and quality family time.

We would usually have dinners on Friday nights, find random things to do, bring  Z for swimming class and simply just play.

I wondered if the kids enjoyed the weekends as much as we do.

Sometimes, we played so hard that we would be so beat by the end of the day, with X nodding off the sleep before bathing, Z dozing off by bath time and I would be catching up on social media news with glazed eyes.  Only Mr H, the man who never needed to sleep, would be active and about.

We watched Rio II on a Friday evening when it first opened.  Some people might think it was a crazy schedule.  We knocked off by 6pm, fed the boys porridge and rushed to town for a 1940H movie.  Post movie, we still shopped and X simply concussed 5 minutes into the ride on the way home.  Even Z had to beg off to bed .  I guess one strategy of parenting which worked very well for us was – Outlast.

We planned so many activities round the clock that we tired them out before they had a chance to tire us out.

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