When X walked

He knew the drill.  He knew that he was to sit on the small stool at the door step and let us put on the shoes for him.

He knew where his shoes were kept.

He knew which shoes he liked to wear.  It was the dark blue See Kai Run leather shoes that his uncle had gotten for his Christmas present and the Nike sandals which were a matching pair with his brother’s.

He knew how to walk to his classroom.

He loved slides.

Every morning, when he walked past the indoor playground, he would walk towards the slide with interest.  I would put him on it and he knew how to lean his body forward (okay, I taught him that!).  Things you could do with a second child – let them slide down without fear of them falling backwards and hitting their heads.  I felt like a braver parent.

There were also times when the older children would look at him, or more like freeze in action to look at him.  X would freeze in response and too shy to take tiny steps forward.

X also liked to walk and stare at himself in the mirror.  He would do this every morning when he reached school.  It definitely sounded like the mark of a little vain pot, even if it was a male vain pot.

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