Making photobooks

A fellow livejournal friend had affirmed the quality of photobooks from many years ago.

Since then, I had never looked back.  I made my first photobook in 2011.  The very first book was based on our family holiday to Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Oxford and London.  I spent many days working on it because sieving the photos alone took nearly two weeks.  From there, I learnt the good habit of culling badly taken photos instead of letting them sit in the hard drive to clog the space and hinder photobooking process.

The photobook making software also underwent improvements, so much so that it was a lot easier to drag and drop photos into readily prepared templates.  They also rolled out readybooks which were more brainless, but less slots to insert photos.

I had done a photobook per holiday taken with the kids.  This meant I had many photobooks.  I would typically squeeze about 500 photos in a 120-page photobook (in medium landscape 8″ by 11″).  I had never paid full price for the photobooks because I would only print when there was 60~70% discount.  If you would like to archive your memories in a thematic manner, photobooks were a great way to go.  Plus, I always had a pleasant experience with this brand of photobooks.  If the quality looked bad (colours too dark, or spine of book was bent etc), they either reprinted for free or they would offer a pretty decent discount.

My proudest photobook was the one of Z from birth till he turned 3 years’ old.  It was to commemorate his growing up days before X came along.  In fact, I only completed the book when I was on maternity leave.  The sheer thought of going through tens of thousands of photos to make that book was daunting but we somehow made that happen.

Right now, whenever I took photos of X, it was with the preparation of his 3-year old photobook in mind.

The only dedicated book X had to himself to date was the small, softcover photobook which were groupon giveaways.  I had only paid $7 for DHL shipping and 15minutes of manhours to make this happen.  Needless to say, I loved the results.

It was really rewarding when Z adored the photobooks so much.  It was part of creating precious memories which would always be for them to keep in the years to come.

2 responses to “Making photobooks

  1. I have used photobook Singapore and Photo Genie and I much prefer the former because of their snazzy layouts which are all so well-designed!

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