The underdogs – on wet wipes

A few key brands dominate the baby wet wipes’ market. When I had Z, we stuck religiously to one brand which was Pigeon.

I always had some unfounded fears that cheap wet wipes would cause diaper rash. Blame that on reading too many literature on parenting and the importance of narrowing the root causes.

By the time X came along, I was more liberal in my choices and I actually tried a few brands. There were some sucky ones which had nauseating sweet fragrance or which tore easily. Pigeon was fine but I always found that it was rather thin and sometimes a little too dry to wipe some stuffs… On my lazy days, I actually use wet wipes to clean the playmat, doors, table tops, cushions and more.


By chance, I tried this Baby U wet wipes from Australia. The packaging looked premium but the price tag was not. It was $3 per standalone pack for 80-pc. Oddly, it was quite reasonably priced.

To my surprise, it was really thick like cloth and was easy to clean with. Today, I saw it on promotion.


I guessed it was one of those times when too little marketing had been done to increase the awareness of such an awesome product that they had to use pricing to increase user base or to clear stocks.

Whatever it was, I hoped it would not exit the Singapore market too soon yet.

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