The Stylo Milo

It would be the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Milo capsules.

Being a marketing professional had attuned my shopping sense.

I told Mr H, “Milo would only be milo but when packaged into a NDG capsule, it could be sold for a premium and a marked up price.”  However, I was a mega milo fan, blame that on brand loyalty or more like the brand which I grew up with, so I still went ahead to spend $10.90 on a box of NDG milo capsules.

In the same grocery shopping, I also looked at –

1. $3.80 for a 400g pack of Milo powder (many servings)
2. $3.05 for a 6-pack Milo drink (on promotion no less)
3. $5.50 for a 18-sachet 3-in-1 Milo
4. $10.90 for 8-serving NDG capsules

I actually bought item #2 to #4 in the same grocery bill.  That was how much I liked Milo.

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with what I coined as the Atas milo.  It was too milky and sweet.  I preferred the milo powder version or the canned milo  version.  The NDG version did not quite cut it for me.

2 responses to “The Stylo Milo

  1. eatshopbemerry

    Tks for yr review of the NDG milo. Dolce Gusto was having a promo on their website where you purchase 30 boxes of capsules and they throw in a free Genio2. My kids love milo, so I was tempted to get 30 boxes of milo haha. Luckily I saw yr review. Would rather stick to the powdered version then.

    • Their Chococino (like Starbucks’ hot chocolate) is very good tho.. U should get a mixture of capsules but bear in mind they expire within a year or so. The tea latte also quite nice.. As u can see, I am not a coffee person. 😉

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