Let it go – Part 2

This had little to do with the song.

As we all knew, kids did not take well to changes in plans.  I used to get Z throwing up tantrums should we have deviation to plans.  He could not understand why changes could occur.  We tried alternating between giving him an explanation or surprising him on the day itself.

Giving an explanation – he would not have it any other way.  It was usually a fruitless attempt.

Surprising him on the day – sometimes, he was so surprised that he was not mentally prepared and would ask a million questions.  We also lost the chance to build up interest.  However, it was still better than nothing.

Recently, we made plans but changed it very last minute.  Z surprised us by understanding and not kicking up a fuss.

I commented, “Woah, the song created miracles.  Z had learnt to let it go.”

Z turned to me and rolled his eyes, “Stop it, don’t say that.”

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