Technology and kids

I ever wrote that we had weaned Z off his iPad addiction when he turned 24 months’ old and was of a reasoning stage.  It tied in with the “terrible twos” period.

In any case, my expectation was that smart phones and tablets should be used sparingly during family quality time.  We were at a cafe one day when Mr H was using his phone.  I asked if it was work related and when I saw he was playing Candy Crush, my first thought was, “You mean there were more stages to go?”

Instead, I piqued, “Are you seriously playing Candy Crush during family time?”

Z took the full frontal attack and said, “Who say you can use the phone har?”

He told Mr H that no one was to use iPhones or iPads.  He was echoing what I used to tell him when I rejected his requests to use technology during meal times or get-togethers.  My rationale to him had always been that everyone was there to interact, and not to use the smart devices.

Guess Z took my message a lot more serious than Mr H did.

2 responses to “Technology and kids

  1. That’s a good tip! 🙂

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