A long Labour Day

Mr H and I were of the same frequency. We loved to bring the kids out and play so hard till they surrendered via sleeping. Plus, with the holiday coming up, it was good to train their stamina and manage their expectations.

Labour day was one of those days.

We met for breakfast at Grub and reached the cafe by 845am. That actually meant both kids were dragged out of bed at 8am. I guessed we were blessed in the sense that both Z and X would sleep in or be early risers according to our plans. Z would more likely whine about waking up early than to give us flake by waking us up early. Hence, that bit was easier to manage.

X was pretty flexible because being a baby meant he could nap anywhere.

When we were done with breakfast, the boys played in the park.



In specific, mimosas. Z had been impressed but X was nonchalant. He probably felt the leaves were less impressive than his talking, animated toys.

By the time we reached home, X had concussed. Z got to swim and I cooked lunch. When all were done with lunch, we headed out for a movie date with Z’s bestie.


They were gearing up to watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2. All except X who had no idea what was going on. The funny thing about sitting next to 2 5-year olds were listening to them talk.

“Which one is Spider-Man?” They whispered after the mask was removed.

“Eekksss…” At the kissing scenes.

“Spider-Man is so good. He fights all the bad guys…”

And yada yada.

I had to ask them to lower their volume so many times.

We then had dinner… I didn’t think much to ask about why we were seated at a table for 10 when there were only 8 of us, including 4 kids. I only thought it was funny that the other guy friend said that we could have the extra chairs to put bags down.

X was kicking up a fuss about eating the white rice when Mr H said he had to go toilet urgently. I looked at him quizzically. It was an odd timing to go to the toilet when X was being so annoying. It was just abrupt.

I looked up a couple of minutes later and saw another of their friend walking in with his wife and toddler. I went, “hey, so coincidental that you guys are here for dinner!”

He laughed and asked if we (the other mummy and I) really thought it was a coincidence. I realized he was holding onto a Bakerzin cake. Oh!! The daddies were trying to pull off a Mother’s Day surprise!

No wonder when we were placing orders, Mr H insisted on ordering a whole chicken on top of other dishes. The waitress warned that the chicken would be too big for 4 adults but Mr H gave me a very earnest look and told me he was very hungry. I honestly thought he must be really hungry.

As it turned out, the daddies had a sneaky plan to celebrate Mother’s Day. Like finally! After two years of the mummies surprising the daddies, the men took their turn.


From the daddies to the mummies


It was indeed lovely to be surprised for Mother’s Day though I believed the element of surprise was largely because of how early it was! All 3 mummies had to concur that it was very apt to celebrate Mother’s Day on Labour’s day though.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all my mummy friends and and my mummies too!

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