Looking out – Water Play


This was at Gardens By the Bay.

I was with the boys when Mr H was scouting for a parking lot. I changed X while Z changed himself. The water sprinklers were wild and I did not want to get wet. Hence, I ordered Z to look after X.

Initially, Z was caught up with the excitement and would run off without X. How could a 15.5 month old catch up with Z?

After a while, X cried and Z earned a scolding. I told Z if X was too scared to play, we would all go home. That sobered Z up so he was a patient and sweet korkor to X the entire time.

That was a great way to entrust responsibility.

The best thing which came out of the episode, X adored Z even more and could utter ‘teh teh’ in his attempt to address kor kor.

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