What drives you?

It would be easier to say I don’t know.
However, I suspected I always knew.

1. Envisioning the goal state

2. Habitual and/or OCD

3. Passion for life

Sometimes, I felt like I was an unlimited fuel engine. I might complain at times but I would always get things done. Always.

Of the above which summarized my driving factors, OCD seemed to be the biggest culprit of all. I could have not cared, I could have taken the shorter route and I could have delivered a poorer job, my OCD nature forced me to push myself beyond what I thought I could do.

Whenever anything bothered me sufficiently to get me down, the mind had an amazing power to sweep away all the unhappiness because the mind was stronger than might. I expected myself to stay happy and contented, my OCD mind would enforce so.

Then I thought deeper.

It was family that gave me the greatest happiness of all. Seeing the young and baby smiles, they gave me such joy and happiness. They rejuvenated my days, made me laugh and even though they could be frustrating at times, cuddling them always made the world seemed right again.

The way X ate his berries, the way Z read off the Chinese worksheet and the way Mr H pampered me in his acts of love, they made my world bright and beautiful.

Family was my biggest driving factor because of the happiness they brought with them.

What about you?

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